Pristine, yet arguably one of the least known of the paradise islands off the east coast of Johor and Pahang, Pulau Aur sits resplendent, flanked by a number of impossibly gorgeous beaches and surrounded by an azure-hued sea that rivals even the famous Maldives waters.

Also known as Aur Island, Pulau Aur's attractions are its paradise-like vistas, abundant marine wildlife and, paradoxically, its relative unfamiliarity amongst the weekend get-away crowd from Malaysia and Singapore.

Nominated Marine Park and National Park status by the Malaysian authorities, Pulau Aur these days offers a couple of lodgings, albeit of a rather laid-back nature. Mostly occupied by scuba-divers and urbanites out for a break, Pulau Aur's resorts consist of basic cottages that come with a bathroom, a fan and other run-of-the-mill accommodation accoutrements required for a simple stay in blissful seclusion.

Yes, scuba-diving is a hot item on Pulau Aur, but that's not to say there's nothing else to do here. Obviously, for non-scubadivers, there's snorkelling or just swimming amongst the coral gardens. Or go for a jungle-trek amongst Pulau Aur's dense jungle. Or visit Aur's village, Kampung Telik Berhala, to get a taste of authentic Malay life.



Hop on our boat from Mersing to Aur after booking a charter with us. The boat journey can be about 3 hours, subject to sea state.


The best time to visit Pulau Aur for fishing is between April & October, when the sea is calmer and visibility is at its best. The weekends are hectic especially with Singaporeans on holiday. Typically, after leaving work on Fridays, they depart for Mersing, whereupon they take a boat ride at midnight, arriving at 4.30am in the morning of Saturday. They then proceed to log-in six dives before leaving the island just after lunch on Sunday. However the island is practically yours on weekdays.


Most boat operators are based in Mersing where, most of them are chartered by Singaporean-based travel agency. Besides, Mersing - there are other jetties including Tanjung Gemuk, Ropin etc.

Main technique in Pulau Aur area is focusing on mud holes that scattered around the waters. Average depths is around 20-50 meters. Targeted fish are snapper, groupers, and other reef fish. Usage of medium equipment is the best since the depth is not a challenge. As the tide is quite strong, usage of medium weighted sinker is a must to avoid tangled lines.



From Kampung Berhala, the village facing Pulau Dayang, one can take short trek up a well-trodden path to the back of the rock until you come to the base of the monolith. Then be careful for there will be a little extra work on climbing, squeezing between rocks and even climbing up a chimney. The rock surface can be slippery so please take precaution. If you wish to visit the other village to the back of the island, there is a coastal walk from Kampung Berhala right across, with well maintained steps most of the way. The trek takes approximately 1 hour each way and also takes you through some great views so bring along some water and camera for a longer than expected trek!