Kuala Rompin in Malaysia has been named by Marlin Magazine as one of the Top 10 Sailfish Destinations in the World - for good reason! The waters teem with sailfish for most of the year, Marlin are also caught here, together with other popular gamefish. Our team specialises in billfish on fly or regulation tackle and will provide you with an experience to never forget.

These days, Tioman Island has moved from a fishing economy to one of tourism and is a very popular place for divers, snorkelers and those who are looking to obtain their PADI certification. While you could just lay around at the resorts, it’s beautiful, untouched jungle is also a place for the more adventurous traveler to get lost in an isolated landscape filled with bustling wildlife and tropical flora.

Next to Kuala Rompin is one of the world’s oldest rainforest, the Endau Rompin national park. This 200-million-years-old jungle has many hidden flora and fauna including the endanger Malaya rhinoceros, tapia, sun bear, tiger etc. We can occasional spot wildboard frolicking near the hotel or a troop of long tail/pig tail macaque monkey by the roadside. A huge monitor lizard is also a common sight. Even the jungle bird, Pier Hornbill is commonly spotted.


Situated at the east coast of peninsula Malaysia in the state of Pahang just border of Johor state. It is about 220 km from Singapore or 3 hours drive, 250 km from Malaysia state capital of Kuala Lumpur or 4 hours drive.


There are two monsoon seasons: Southwest and Northeast. Southwest monsoon is from May to September but it does not affect Rompin coast much as we are sheltered by the mountain range; however, do expect occasional heavy downpour.

Mid November to March is the start of the Northeast monsoon. This monsoon wind is particularly very strong and often brings strong rainfall to the west side of Malaysia. This season is not recommended for fishing in Rompin due to strong wind and choppy condition.

Sailfishing season in Rompin coast begins in late March until mid of November with peak hot season from August until November.



Kuala Rompin is where fishing enthusiasts all over the world come to take part in the catch-and-release Royal Pahang Billfish International Challenge every year.The sea off Rompin is a paradise for billfishes, marlins, sailfishes and other large fishes that feed on the anchovies and small fishes there.


One of the very first things that people will suggest you do here is exploring the many wonders that await you down below the surface. Snorkelling is just about the most popular activity on the island. You could snorkel off Salang Beach or the islands surrounding Tioman such as Renggis Island and Coral Island.


Deep sea diving takes snorkelling one step further, letting you witness even more of the amazing marine life and various corals up close. A number of visitors who began their diving journey in Tioman have become obsessed with this activity simply because of the sheer beauty that the island has to offer. Avid scuba divers, professionals and beginner diving enthusiasts can all be found around some of the best dives sites of Tioman such as Tiger Reef, Chebeh Island and Labas Island.


The water isn’t all there is to see while you’re staying at Tioman. Home to a massive array of thick jungle, this island is more than capable of handling outdoor enthusiasts and avid trekkers. Many resorts throughout the island offer adventurous trekking activities that will lead you to various parts of the wilderness. Head on over to the giant waterfall or learn more about the many plant species that make up Tioman’s unique foliage, including poison ivy, medicinal plants, and curry leaves. Examples of routes include from Salang Bay to Monkey Bay or Turtle Bay, or from Tekek to Juara.


Facing the South China Sea, the beaches of Rompin is pure sandy and white, golden when the sun shines in the morning and evening.